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Santos Guerrero

Santos Guerrero, the mixed-media artist, also known as TKNY is originally from Monterrey, Mexico. Guerrero moved with his family to Texas when he was 4.

“I was the kid who always had a sketchbook,” he said. “But I kind of kept that to myself.”



As he grew older, instead of showcasing his talent for drawing and painting, he became a musician, playing bass in a rock band.

“That was my creative outlet,” Guerrero said.

Guerrero had his first art show at Boheme, a Montrose wine bar with a reputation for walls that double as gallery space for local painters.

“I let the pieces take their own life,” he said. “And people react to it. Regardless of what the image is, it sparks some curiosity.”

He likes to listen to music and let it move him while he works.

“It’s kind of like meditation,” he said. “I try not to think. I just play with the colors.”

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