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Robert Dampier

Artist Bio

A Visual Initiation

“I have always had a strange love and fascination of old and discarded parts considered trash by others that go back to early childhood.”

“The idea of taking what was someones refuse or outdated objects “trash” and transforming those finds into wonderful objects of desire and transformation, has been my life long obsession.

There is no end to the amount of material things that are thrown away, ending up in thrift shops, or that can be found in the local allies and streets. As long as there are objects to be sourced and found, I’ll continue to create from the inspiration others leave behind.

As a self-taught artist I have applied my life’s experiences and knowledge to everything I do creatively, as I am an autodidact and love to explore as many processes as I can. With that being said, I believe strongly in idea of using what is already available in my immediate environment and transforming those materials in a powerful way to Sculpture, Painting, Assemblage, Design and just about everything else.

Being self-taught, my work has evolved continually over the years as new ways of thinking and processes are discovered. The works I create and produce are more about my internal dialog and debate and the telling of new parables and mysteries. My desire is to evoke an internal thought process and lead the viewer down the rabbit hole of self reflection and exploration. I prefer to leave the viewer with questions about what they are seeing rather than explaining the meanings of my work.

I’ve been chastised for years not giving more detail on what individual pieces are meant to represent but I firmly believe that if the viewer is open and diligent, that the deeper meaning will appear.

To create meaning from objects that have none, this is my greatest Joy!!!”

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