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Patrick Medrano

” The process for any of my works rather it be a painting, sculpture or even a puppet show…. is the same, “ in the moment”. Always like a little wave that’s born and breaks at its own will. The goal is to produce, inspire, promote and educate the creative spirit. ” – Patrick Medrano

Medrano Much of Medrano’s work feels methodically aged, but it doesn’t belong to any particular historical era. His paintings sometimes feature hairless, nude humans and contain a mechanical element or a depiction of an apparatus that is merged with human elements. At times his sculptures resemble elaborate wooden frames that incorporate exaggerated puppets, mechanisms, electronic devices and lighting elements. The wood is usually darkly stained and coated with bright-colored paint, which Medrano scrapes and sands away, creating a kind of antique patina. Many works also include photographs taken by wife and collaborative partner, Katy Anderson. These photographs are featured as both backgrounds as well and prominate subjects. Their collaboration began in 2002 and both artists bring their own distinguishing styles, talents, and individual passions to the table when working on a piece and the end results is always moving. “Patrick Medrano’s, 3D works, paintings, and interactive devices intrigue viewers into searching within, to face, a sometimes not so pleasant reality of the world around us, including ourselves. Katy Anderson’s thought provoking photography captures memories, emotions, and purpose of being, leaving the viewer content and eager to drink in more. With harmony, perfect blending of conception and form, the two become one, contained within collaborations of true unison, completing a breath taking tour of the visual experience.” – Max Boyd Harrison (owner of Gallery M2. )

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