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To apply for emergency assistance, please complete the form below.  


The following criteria will be used to determine eligibility:

  1. Funds available to visual artists working in 2D or 3D mediums who have earned at least 50% of their total income for the last five years from their art form.
  2. Have had at least one one-person exhibit in a commercial gallery or museum in the last five years.
  3. Live and work within 150 miles of Harris County.
  4. Yearly income is no higher than $60,000.
  5. Age 18 or older
  6. Submitted application and proof of meeting criteria to the Artists for Artists review board (subject to change).
  7. When the spendable fund balance is $10,000 or below, grants will be capped at $2,500 per individual per year.  This cap can be raised when the fund balance is higher, subject to approval on a case-by-case basis by Artists for Artists board.

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