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Anat Ronen

“I am a self-taught artist that likes to push myself to find depth in my commissioned work. With my street art, I try to reflect my views on current affairs, injustices all over the globe, social matters and love for animals. In a nut shell, I accidentally stumbled upon this artist life, and I couldn’t be happier. My challenges seemed to have helped to mold me into a strong independent woman who have become her art. I do what I love, and I love what I do. I have a reason to wake up every morning to, and that’s the greatest gift of all.”


“As an untrained artist I feel I have the organic relationship towards art-making that corresponds to a vital need, a matter of personal balance and identity. Versatility is my strong suit and being free from a certain doctrine taught in school or college, I am guided by my intuition and imagination. Although most of what I do is commission work, dictated by the clients, I manage to find myself in the mix and present paintings, murals, street art pieces that reflect the client’s wishes as well as my inner self. As a street artist, whose work is displayed in public, I am aware of the power of public art and try to address the fact that it’s visible to everybody. It’s a challenge I like to take on. I have discovered that my art transcends social barriers – it speaks a language everybody understands and caters to everybody. It’s a great feeling.”

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