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Artists for Artists is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides Emergency Recovery Grants and free medical programming to Houston based artists. Emergency Recovery Grants are designed to assist artists experiencing a catastrophic career-threatening medical emergency.

We do this in partnership with other nonprofit organizations, corporate sponsors, private donors and through fundraising activities such as art auctions, galas, pop up events and private art collection tours.

Artists for Artists was recently selected as one of the Non-Profit Partners for Bayou City Art Festival – Memorial Park taking place on 3/27-3/29 & we desperately need volunteers.
Please click here to sign up for a shift.

We founded our nonprofit organization as a result of a fundraiser held for a well-known and highly collected artist. This artist became critically Ill with no insurance or safety net available for him and his family. After witnessing what a critical illness can do to an artist and their family, we realized that there was a major need within the Houston art community that was not being met.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Texas state employs the 4th largest number of fine artists including painters, sculptures & illustrators in the nation. Many artists in the Houston area are employed as independent contractors and hired on a project basis. This creates an income stream where very little funds are available to cover routine medical care, insurance premiums, and catastrophic illness care. These expenses are often considered a luxury that many artists cannot afford.

The arts sector generates $5.5 billion each year for our state’s economy.

If artists are so vital to the Texas economy, why isn’t more being done to support this highly profitable and extremely vulnerable workforce? Artists for Artists was created to change this. Our emergency grant program in addition to our medical resource programming were created to meet an obvious, yet unanswered need within the Houston art community.